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18th March 2022

AsiaHang Seng collapses with the worst session since May 2020

China already yields more than Europe and only less than the Nasdaq

18th March 2022

Interview with Nigel Green awarded with financial CEO of the year

deVere Group is one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organisations

17th March 2022

Debt goes into a spin from Lehman with accumulated falls of 10%

The Bloomberg index of world debt already loses around 10%

16th March 2022

Oil loses 23% from its maximum of the year

The uptick in infections in China and the dialogue between Biden and Maduro contribute to this depreciation

15th March 2022

North AmericaThe time has come for the Fed: it will raise rates for the first time in 39 months

The inflation rate in the United States is at 1982 levels

14th March 2022

In which sectors profits rise and fall after 15 days of market tension

Consumer, automobile and financial companies are the most affected companies

10th March 2022

North AmericaBeyond bitcoin: Biden orders an "urgent" evaluation of the viability of the digital dollar

The presidential decree authorizes the Government to investigate the possibility of developing a central bank digital currency (CBDC)

9th March 2022

EuropeThe Netherlands and Germany, the countries most affected by the Russian veto on exports

The list of countries and resources that it will ban is yet to be confirmed

8th March 2022

Sovereign wealth funds, a pressure tool in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Globally, the 98 sovereign funds exceed 10 trillion dollars in assets under management

7th March 2022

EuropeManagers begin to close hedges and the rebound is already 11% in Europe

The situation in Ukraine puts pressure on the stock markets

3rd March 2022

The market is in backwardation: agents are fighting to buy oil

The structure of the oil market sets off alarms: something like this has not been seen since the invasion …

3rd March 2022

Shell pulls out of Russia and breaks alliances with Gazprom

Ends its participation in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

2nd March 2022

EuropeThe European Union will close its airspace to Russian airlines

Von der Leyen announces the veto of the televisions financed by the Kremlin Russia Today and Sputnik, in a …

1st March 2022

AsiaThe agrarian environmentalism sought by the EU fails in Sri Lanka

The Asian country imposed rules similar to those that Brussels is now seeking but backtracks to avoid ruin and …

28th February 2022

EuropeThe Norwegian oil fund gets rid of its millionaire investments in Russia

Norway is Western Europe's leading exporter of oil and gas

28th February 2022

Russia changes the pace of the economy and markets, what to expect for investment?

The attack on Ukraine portends more inflation and less growth, although the magnitude of the damage will depend on …

28th February 2022

AsiaToyota announces that it suspends production in Japan, possible cyber attack

This measure will affect the production of "about 13,000 vehicles

28th February 2022

EuropeInterview with James Barnes, Director of Alpha Global Wealth

Alpha Global Wealth is a small boutique family office in the heart of Geneva, taking care of 150 international …

25th February 2022

The world at war: Russia intensifies its offensive against Kiev

Russian troops arrive in the Ukrainian capital

25th February 2022

EuropeBoris Johnson announces that the limitations due to the coronavirus end this Thursday and that the free tests will end on April 1

The British Prime Minister eliminates the mandatory isolation of those positive for covid and the rest of the restrictions …

25th February 2022

Investment Management Delivers for Investors During a Tumultuous 2020

Assets under management held by Investment Association (IA) members grew to £9.4 trillion in the UK by the end …

23rd February 2022

AfricaAfrica is Ready For A New Wave Of Foreign Direct Investments

The data is very hard to ignore, says the UNCTAD

23rd February 2022

More than 140 million tons of plastics already pollute the planet's rivers, oceans and lakes

193 countries negotiate in the UN the first world treaty to stop this plague

22nd February 2022

EuropeHow are Polish companies adapting to new regulations, in which commitment to the environment is becoming a requirement?

Investment firms start to recognize that profit is not their only objective and they must also consider the environmental …

22nd February 2022

EuropeThe new Cold War: ​​Putin sends the army to Ukraine to reinforce the Donbass region

The Russian leader recognizes the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk and affirms that Ukraine is a creation of the …

21st February 2022

EuropeConflict Russia - Ukraine

Biden warns that "everything points" to Russia attacking Ukraine "in the next few days"

20th February 2022

MultiBank Group Wins ‘Best Global Forex Group Award’ and Expands Presence in Cryptocurrency

MultiBank Group, one of the largest financial derivatives brokers in the world will launch a global cryptocurrency exchange and …

18th February 2022

5 ways for sustainably minded companies to build a post-pandemic work model

COVID-19 has transformed the very nature of the employee-employer relationship, accelerating trends that were already in play and calling …