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23rd February 2022

AfricaAfrica is Ready For A New Wave Of Foreign Direct Investments

The data is very hard to ignore, says the UNCTAD

23rd February 2022

More than 140 million tons of plastics already pollute the planet's rivers, oceans and lakes

193 countries negotiate in the UN the first world treaty to stop this plague

22nd February 2022

EuropeHow are Polish companies adapting to new regulations, in which commitment to the environment is becoming a requirement?

Investment firms start to recognize that profit is not their only objective and they must also consider the environmental …

22nd February 2022

EuropeThe new Cold War: ​​Putin sends the army to Ukraine to reinforce the Donbass region

The Russian leader recognizes the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk and affirms that Ukraine is a creation of the …

21st February 2022

EuropeConflict Russia - Ukraine

Biden warns that "everything points" to Russia attacking Ukraine "in the next few days"

20th February 2022

MultiBank Group Wins ‘Best Global Forex Group Award’ and Expands Presence in Cryptocurrency

MultiBank Group, one of the largest financial derivatives brokers in the world will launch a global cryptocurrency exchange and …

18th February 2022

5 ways for sustainably minded companies to build a post-pandemic work model

COVID-19 has transformed the very nature of the employee-employer relationship, accelerating trends that were already in play and calling …

17th February 2022

Jaguar I-Pace Looking Good. Feeling Good.

Artists say you can only break the rules if you’ve mastered them. That’s how Jaguar created the I-PACE – …

16th February 2022

AsiaInterview with Agri Developments: Best Global Agricultural Investment Development Company of the Year

AGRI Developments use innovation and technical advances to improve productivity.

15th February 2022

AfricaWorld Bank Projections: Post-COVID Africa will be a highly dynamic environment

Rising from dark times to bright aspirations

13th February 2022

AfricaFirst Stop Shop

Invest Durban delivers a world-class Metro based investor support service

11th February 2022

Central & South AmericaInterview with Luigi Wewege: Best Private Bank and Banker in CARICOM for 2021

Caye International Bank and its Senior Vice President and Head of Private Banking, Luigi Wewege, were recently named the …

9th February 2022

European Investment Bank on the pandemic and challenges ahead

When it became clear that the coronavirus would be a big crisis, the European Investment Bank decided to use …

7th February 2022

Central & South America“A cohesive concept for a future airline”

Ava Airways is an airline carrier of the Dominican Republic with a clear plan and vision

5th February 2022

Dominion Funds always researching investment ideas

Dominion creates and manages a range of investment products, which are highly effective, simple to understand, and achieve great …

3rd February 2022


A resilient, fast-growing economy, Turkey offers business-friendly policies, agile talent pool and global market access at the nexus of …

1st February 2022

EuropeInitial report on Boris Johnson's 'Partygate' scandal

A report on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government partying while the rest of the country lived under strict …

27th January 2022

Europe3 keys that explain why Ukraine is so important for Russia

Russia is concerned about the rise of nationalism in Ukraine that is defined by its opposition to Russia.

25th January 2022

North AmericaCentral & South AmericaPuerto Rico faces the largest municipal debt restructuring in US history after the Justice approves its plan

Puerto Rico racked up unsustainable levels of debt in the years leading up to 2017, when it filed for …

19th January 2022

Tonga is facing an 'unprecedented disaster'

A powerful volcanic eruption and tsunami near Tonga have caused "an unprecedented disaster," the Pacific nation's leader said on …

17th January 2022

MENASaudi-led coalition launches airstrikes on Sana'a

Saudi Arabia launches airstrikes on Yemen after deaths in Abu Dhabi

12th January 2022

The Future of SMEs Gets Examined in a Recent White Paper by The World Economic Forum

Released just at the end of 2021, a new white paper by the World Economic Forum dives deeper into …

11th January 2022

Central & South AmericaHow Venezuela emerged from hyperinflation and what it means for the country's battered economy

Four years and two currency reconversions later, Venezuela exits the hyperinflation cycle in which it has been since 2017.

7th January 2022

Apple becomes the first company to be worth $ 3 trillion

Apple got off to a strong start in 2022. The American tech giant became the first company to achieve …

2nd January 2022

Central & South AmericaChile Elections 2021: Boric President

The leftist Gabriel Boric is the elected president of Chile thanks to a broad and incontestable victory that leaves …

31st December 2021


Artists say you can only break the rules if you’ve mastered them. That’s how Jaguar created the I-PACE – …

28th December 2021

Invest Durban: First Stop Shop

Invest Durban was recommended by the Durban City Council and organised private business as the First Stop Shopto stimulate …

27th December 2021

AfricaAfrica is Ready for a New Wave of Foreign Direct Investments

Struggling with lower vaccination rates, high debt and a lack of quick and efficient strategic response against the pandemic, …