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17th May 2022

MENASheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Dead at 73

UAE President dies at 73

9th May 2022

South Asia Sees Slower Growth as War in Ukraine Impedes Recovery - World Bank Reports

The World Bank’s latest South Asia Economic Focus Reshaping Norms: A New Way Forward projects the region to grow …

3rd May 2022

EU Agrees Additional Sanctions on Russia

he European Commission welcomes today's agreement by the Council to adopt a fifth package of restrictive measures against Putin's …

1st May 2022

Algebra Ventures secures $15M Investment from IFC to support Egyptian tech startups

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) announced Sunday a $15 million investment in the second fund from venture capital firm …

26th April 2022

How to harness thought leadership in financial services

What is thought leadership in financial services and how can it be used to support business development? We spoke …

22nd April 2022

Historic dividends in Europe with returns of 7%

Three out of four companies that make up the EuroStoxx 50 will reward their shareholders this spring with their …

13th April 2022

North AmericaAlarm in the markets: a part of the US interest rate curve is inverted that has not been in 16 years

For now, the part of the curve between five and 30 years is inverted

8th April 2022

Almirall aims for 2023 to commercialize Lebrikizumab

The company bought the drug in 2019 and has a market of 450 million euros

2nd April 2022

Bitcoin is back at $47,000 US dollars

The stealthy comeback of bitcoin in March: it returns to around 47,000 dollars

23rd March 2022

AfricaFope Oluleye building organisations with innovation, ambition and dynamism

Fope Oluleye purpose is to build a set of organisations focused on reaching the zenith of their sectors.

22nd March 2022

North AmericaUNIFIN leading Mexico’s operational leasing sector

UNIFIN´s strategic decision was to focus on offering the highest quality service

22nd March 2022

AsiaCoincheck to be listed on Nasdaq through more than $1 billion merger with company Spac

Coincheck, which was the target of a theft of $530 million worth of digital currencies in 2018, was acquired …

21st March 2022

EuropeThe volatility in the markets continues to decline

Europe points to declines without changes in the technical situation

20th March 2022

EuropeLuxembourg – The Global Fund Centre

The Luxembourg fund industry therefore retains its leading role as the largest investment fund centre in Europe

19th March 2022

MENAMohamed Al Dhaheri, Acting Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) shares the benefits of doing business in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi stands out for the level of support available and for a commitment to making business as easy …

18th March 2022

AsiaHang Seng collapses with the worst session since May 2020

China already yields more than Europe and only less than the Nasdaq

18th March 2022

Interview with Nigel Green awarded with financial CEO of the year

deVere Group is one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organisations

17th March 2022

Debt goes into a spin from Lehman with accumulated falls of 10%

The Bloomberg index of world debt already loses around 10%

16th March 2022

Oil loses 23% from its maximum of the year

The uptick in infections in China and the dialogue between Biden and Maduro contribute to this depreciation

15th March 2022

North AmericaThe time has come for the Fed: it will raise rates for the first time in 39 months

The inflation rate in the United States is at 1982 levels

14th March 2022

In which sectors profits rise and fall after 15 days of market tension

Consumer, automobile and financial companies are the most affected companies

10th March 2022

North AmericaBeyond bitcoin: Biden orders an "urgent" evaluation of the viability of the digital dollar

The presidential decree authorizes the Government to investigate the possibility of developing a central bank digital currency (CBDC)

9th March 2022

EuropeThe Netherlands and Germany, the countries most affected by the Russian veto on exports

The list of countries and resources that it will ban is yet to be confirmed

8th March 2022

Sovereign wealth funds, a pressure tool in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Globally, the 98 sovereign funds exceed 10 trillion dollars in assets under management

7th March 2022

EuropeManagers begin to close hedges and the rebound is already 11% in Europe

The situation in Ukraine puts pressure on the stock markets

3rd March 2022

The market is in backwardation: agents are fighting to buy oil

The structure of the oil market sets off alarms: something like this has not been seen since the invasion …

3rd March 2022

Shell pulls out of Russia and breaks alliances with Gazprom

Ends its participation in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

2nd March 2022

EuropeThe European Union will close its airspace to Russian airlines

Von der Leyen announces the veto of the televisions financed by the Kremlin Russia Today and Sputnik, in a …