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11th June 2019

EuropeCentral & South AmericaAfter 20 years of negotiations the EU and Mercosur close a free trade agreement

The European Union and Mercosur have reached a political agreement that corresponds to an ambitious, balanced and far-reaching trade agreement.

19th April 2019

Central & South AmericaEndless crisis in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is experiencing one of the most serious political crises in the last four decades. The conflict is not …

10th March 2019

Central & South AmericaInequality, Latin America’s biggest challenge

Latin America and the Caribbean is the most unequal region on the planet, this gap even exceeds that of …

28th November 2018

Central & South AmericaDigital ‘unicorns’ in Latin America

The region counts with its first ‘unicorns’, seven companies reach this status after been valued at more than $ …

26th September 2018

Central & South AmericaRappi: how ‘Colombian’s first unicorn’ is taking over Latin America

- Rappi has become one of the biggest start-ups in Latin America. The company provides delivery services and is …

9th August 2018

Central & South AmericaChile is Waving for Innovation in Its Economy

The South American country is diversifying its economy in order to minimize the extreme dependency over copper (Chile’s main …