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11th January 2021

AsiaNorth AmericaUS Dollar advances and Asian stocks tumble

The dollar climbed a third day against major peers and Treasury futures were flat.

7th January 2021

North AmericaUS Congress confirms Biden's victory after violent assault on the Capitol

Donald Trump commits to a peaceful transition of power at the end of a chaotic day that caused four …

5th January 2021

EuropeNorth AmericaBritish justice blocks Julian Assange's extradition to the US

The US government has 14 days to appeal the ruling, while the activist's lawyers request his immediate release on …

28th December 2020

North AmericaDonald Trump signs stimulus plan after blocking it for days

The ratification turns this aid package into law for families and companies in the midst of the health and …

27th December 2020

North AmericaProviding Financial Education for Women

Financial education as a way of empowering women. Athena Bank works as a platform that offers educational courses for …

23rd December 2020

North AmericaAfter months of negotiation, the US Congress approves 900,000 million dollars COVID-19 relief package

On Monday, the United States Congress approved a stimulus package worth 900,000 million dollars (735,000 million euros) to face …

10th December 2020

North AmericaUnited States sues Facebook over monopoly, WhatsApp and Instagram at risk

The US Government and 48 states denounce the platform for monopoly.

24th November 2020

North AmericaPostal voting in the US election: what is the controversy and will it affect the outcome?

Votes cast by post are expected to be high this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Not everyone can …

2nd November 2020

North AmericaReal estate investment in Toronto becomes a real challenge after the pandemic

Canada’s largest city is one of the most affected by the pandemic. It is not only one of the …

31st October 2020

North AmericaThe impact of the upcoming US elections on the American investment scene

This Autumn, the world will witness one of the most awaited presidential elections in U.S. history. On November 3rd, …

28th October 2020

North AmericaBank of Canada expects interest rates to remain at current record lows until 2023

The second wave of the virus would have a pronounced impact on economic growth in the short term. The …

19th February 2020

North AmericaThe Bahamas removed from European Union's tax watchlist

On the 18th of February, the European Union’s Economic and Financial Affairs Council announced that it had completely removed …

13th February 2020

North AmericaHow Technology Is Solving Africa’s Biggest Problems

Next year will mark the 60th anniversary of Africa’s independence. 60 years may seem long enough for countries to …

22nd October 2019

North AmericaCanada's elections, Trudeau re elected

Justin Trudeau achieves his second victory in Canada but loses by more than 300,000 votes to rival Andrew Scheer …

20th May 2018

North AmericaBank of America: Overview and Analysis

Bank of America is a financial services multinational and is the second-largest bank in the United States in terms …